Forget regret

Hello Journal

Apparently I haven't posted in over two years!
And if I think about it, I can't recall even coming on here to lurk at all this year!

Anyway, this week has been pretty epic for me and I don't fancy sharing it with all my FB buddies but I really want the universe to now all about it! And Livejournal is basically the universe right?!

So this past week...Collapse )
Forget regret

Since September 14th last year...

I have had a lot of major things happen, such as:

A second earthquake. 6.3, 12.51pm, 172 confirmed deaths, 181 estimated deaths, central city still cordoned off and our iconic Cathedral's main spire has fallen.

This was meant to be a short and to the point update about the last seven months. Instead it was about the biggest piece of news I'll ever have.Collapse )
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Forget regret


Pretty much been like, five months since my last update...

Finished Second semester of 2009.

Saw Il Divo, Wizard of Oz, Mamma Mia and the Rhythms of Ireland in concert/theatre.

Serena's visiting.

So is Liv.

Auditioned for HSM2 and failed, not that I really care about sickly sweet, fake and cheesy Disney.

Auditioned for Reefer Madness with Musoc at UC. Got into that one. And that type of musical is more me. Hello? Drugs, sex and violence? Definitely me.

Attending summer school...yea, failed economics...much easier the second time round with a different lecturer and a class less than half the size of the original.

I've done one dance exam, my Silver Bar. Cha, Samba and Paso were okay, timing a little off here and there. But Jive? Oh god that was horrendous, though apparently it looked okay. I kind of got through it, but the examiner did stop me.

Gold in two weeks. Though this time I'm dropping my Jive in favour of Rumba, my 'worst' dance. After weeks of telling me I'm terrible at it and can't do the hips and it doesn't fit my body and how did I get this far without mastering it? I've been told that my Rumba is great and I should do it for my exams...Like what the heck? You've been telling me it's crap and now you expect me to follow your advice and believe your positive comments? Like hell no!

So yea.

That's my life pretty much since July...

And I'm not looking forward to Christmas.

Go figure.
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Oh no! *giggles*

Back to Tech

So my holidays were crap.

Stayed home the first week. Felt a bit icky the second week. Went out twice the next week.
Got the flu for two weeks. Doctors wouldn't see me coz I wasn't bad enough. Had a chest infection. Was horizontal the whole time for a week. No technology whatsoever. No TV, no music, no internet. No books either. I just lay there. Looking at the walls.

Had our Harry Potter marathon. Was epic. We costumised as Gryffindor students and then went to see the movie at 9.30pm the day/night it came out. Was amazing. Could only see homoerotic content. Was terrible. I've corrupted Sammi and ruined Harry Potter for her for life. Mission accomplished!!! I killed her arm.

I shall write a Harry Potter review/analysis/my favourite bits/my thoughts when I've seen it once more.

So due to my illness caused by an inconsiderate citizen venturing out into the world when sick, I went out a total of five times during my six week holiday. That's pathetic. I had things to do, people to see. Next time it'll be better. Or else...

Back at  CPIT now. Second week in. It's a drag, but my timetable's a lot more free than last semester. Law is alright, lots of reading. Computing is easy...for now. Communication is almost common sense but with proper names for things. Business Heritage is a bit boring-all about Maoris and European settlers.
Assignments due in a few weeks. Haven't started, gonna be a lazy bum.

Not much happening socially. Talked to Julia the other night. Haven't seen Tegan since mid-May. Haven't seen Sarah since end of June.
Tom's back!!! Saw him yesterday. Only took him three weeks to tell me.

Missing the theatre. Apparently due to large profits from Miss Saigon this year, Showbiz aren't doing a summer production but are doing two major productions next year!!! And rumour has it, one of them's Hairspray! Definitely gonna audition, but if I'm not successful, definitely gonna be a part of the crew. Same with Sammi I think. Either way, it'll be just like old times.

So there's my update. Not overly exciting, but pretty average.
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Forget regret


So I got through my four end of semester exams. Management was hand exhausting, Accounting was easier than expected and Marketing was quick. Economics was yucky and I know I've failed but oh well, ready to repeat!!!

However now that exams are over I'm free 'til the end of July. Party! Or not. No-one I know really likes to party. So no partying for me. Though I am looking forward to our Harry Potter marathon and HBP when it comes out. Sammi and I are gonna costumise ourselves. It'll be epic!!!

Not much more to say. It's nice not having lectures, but now I'm not sure what to do with my spare time...Uh-oh.
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Forget regret

...Studying huh?

So...I have exams over the next week...

And you know how there's that really awesomelly (it's a word I swear) great preparation method called "studying"? Well sure of course I've been "studying"...and By "studying" I mean "not studying" and By "not studying" I mean "playing The Sims" and by "playing The Sims" I mean...well I mean playing The Sims.

It's much more fun and rewarding...
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