Forget regret


Pretty much been like, five months since my last update...

Finished Second semester of 2009.

Saw Il Divo, Wizard of Oz, Mamma Mia and the Rhythms of Ireland in concert/theatre.

Serena's visiting.

So is Liv.

Auditioned for HSM2 and failed, not that I really care about sickly sweet, fake and cheesy Disney.

Auditioned for Reefer Madness with Musoc at UC. Got into that one. And that type of musical is more me. Hello? Drugs, sex and violence? Definitely me.

Attending summer school...yea, failed economics...much easier the second time round with a different lecturer and a class less than half the size of the original.

I've done one dance exam, my Silver Bar. Cha, Samba and Paso were okay, timing a little off here and there. But Jive? Oh god that was horrendous, though apparently it looked okay. I kind of got through it, but the examiner did stop me.

Gold in two weeks. Though this time I'm dropping my Jive in favour of Rumba, my 'worst' dance. After weeks of telling me I'm terrible at it and can't do the hips and it doesn't fit my body and how did I get this far without mastering it? I've been told that my Rumba is great and I should do it for my exams...Like what the heck? You've been telling me it's crap and now you expect me to follow your advice and believe your positive comments? Like hell no!

So yea.

That's my life pretty much since July...

And I'm not looking forward to Christmas.

Go figure.
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