Forget regret

Not again...

We've been up and down to and from Oamaru for the past four weeks, helping to tidy up Grandma's stuff.

But today, well today has been somewhat distressing. We've had two major aftershocks. The first at 1pm was 5.5 on the richter scale and the second was at 2.20pm of 6.0 magnitude.

How exciting. Lots of liquefaction, so much actually. About 56,000 houses lost power, that's now down to 47,000. Some of the east side of town has lost water. Phone lines have been terrible

Where I am is fine. It was freaky though. That second one, well I never thought I'd see the walls in the hallway move so much. It was almost as if the walls had gone wobbly. We're still feeling a whole bunch of aftershocks, like the floor can't stop being like jelly.

It took a while to get a hold of everyone and for my family to get home, but we managed.

Funnily enough, because of my Twitter updates on the situation I was contacted by the BBC. As of about 5 minutes ago I have appeared on BBC Radio Manchester and BBC Radio Wales speaking on their morning shows about my earthquake/aftershock experience. Fun times!

For now schools, universities, polytechnics and the majority of work places have been closed for the rest of today and all of tomorrow. Education providers are looking to re-open on Wednesday.This is great, considering I have two lectures that day and a 50% assignment due on Thursday. Might I add that it's worth 50% because the February earthquake shortened the semester taking my papers from 3 assessments each down to two.

Also, I have an exam and a presentation next week. This is not cool.

I guess I'll just do my assignment, sit tight and wait for any more updates and news...
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