Forget regret

Hello Journal

Apparently I haven't posted in over two years!
And if I think about it, I can't recall even coming on here to lurk at all this year!

Anyway, this week has been pretty epic for me and I don't fancy sharing it with all my FB buddies but I really want the universe to now all about it! And Livejournal is basically the universe right?!

  • I danced twice, have finished off 2/5 dances for my end of year exams, have nearly finished 1/5 and have started on 1/5

  • Confirmed a new treasurer for Dramasoc

  • Confirmed a new general exec member for Dramasoc

  • I had coffee with a friend

  • I went to the Square and saw the Cathedral with aforementioned friend

  • I visited the museum, with aforementioned friend, where I screamed upon seeing a very large dustmite hanging from the ceiling and discovered I am exactly the same height as the museum's resident mummy

  • Baked a cake

  • Went to One Direction's soundcheck and concert (third row FTW!) at CBS Arena

  • Bought some 1D merchandise

  • Had a great photo taken of me at the concert

  • Suffered from PCD (Post-Concert Depression)

  • Spent eight and a half hours making up some teaching resources for Mum's school with the possibility of getting paid

  • Updated my CV

  • Got round to actually applying for jobs instead of just looking at them

  • Received an awesome proposal for Dramasoc's summer 2014 show

  • Had an amazing chat with a friend who just gets me and I get him and we get each other and we talk about clothes, music, theatre, former relationships, people, politics, studies, jobs. Just all round excellent banter!

The week to come...

  • Tomorrow I'm gonna reformat and update my performance CV and apply for Musical Theatre Summer School!

  • I'm also gonna go for a dance practice

  • Gonna go see 1D: This Is Us on Tuesday

  • Have two dance lessons on Tuesday too

  • Gonna do some modelling on Wednesday

  • And gonna catch up with a friend

  • Tidy the house for and EQC assessment (not so epic but more necessary, though it will give me an excuse to listen to music whilst rediscovering stuff in my bedroom)

  • Receive more teaching resources to assemble and potentially get paid for

If only every fortnight could be like the week just gone and what I hope to happen in the week to come.
Life would be pretty amazing.